Mankind Pharma IPO: Understanding the Company, Valuation, and Investment Prospects

Mankind Pharma is a well-known pharmaceutical and healthcare products company that is based in New Delhi, India. The company was established in 1991, and since then, it has been consistently delivering high-quality, cost-effective, and innovative medical solutions to meet the ever-growing healthcare needs of the Indian population.

Mankind Pharma has a diversified portfolio of products that includes a wide range of therapeutic drugs, including condoms, antibiotics, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, dermal, and erectile dysfunction drugs.

Mankind Pharma IPO Details

Bidding Dates 25th April 2023 – 27th April 2023
Minimum Investment₹13,338
Lot Size13
Price Range₹1,066 – ₹1,080
Issue Size4326.00Cr

The company has become a trusted name in the Indian pharmaceutical industry, known for its unwavering commitment to quality, transparency, and excellence in manufacturing and marketing. As a result of its relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence, Mankind Pharma has emerged as India’s fourth-largest pharmaceutical company in terms of domestic sales. It has a strong presence across the country with 20+ manufacturing units, 15+ marketing divisions, and over 50,000 retail outlets.

Mankind Pharma has always been committed to providing affordable and accessible medicines to all sections of society, and its product range is focused on addressing the healthcare needs of the masses. The company has a dedicated team of over 22,000 employees who work tirelessly to ensure that their products reach every nook and corner of the country.

Mankind Pharma’s success can be attributed to its strong R&D capabilities, innovative product offerings, and robust distribution network. In addition to prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines, Mankind Pharma also deals in FMCG products in India and overseas. Its FMCG products include personal care, oral care, and household care products that are known for their high quality and affordability.

Parent OrganisationFoundedManaging Director
Mankind Pharma Ltd1991Rajeev Juneja


  • Mankind Pharma is the fourth biggest pharmaceutical firm in India due to its domestic sales and status as one of the country’s leading domestic formulators.
  • Antibiotics, gynecological medications, gastrointestinal drugs, vitamins, respiratory drugs, anti-diabetic drugs, dermatological drugs, analgesic drugs, and neuro pharmaceuticals are only some of the therapeutic drugs that the firm produces.
  • Mankind Pharma has built a number of highly recognizable products in the over-the-counter healthcare market. These include condoms, pregnancy tests, emergency contraception, and dietary supplements.
  • The corporation targets low-income consumers with its extensive distribution network and broad market.

& Risks

  • Some of the risk factors associated with Mankind Pharma Ltd are as follows:
  • The overall financial performance of the company depends on its compliance with government regulations and policies. Any deviation from government regulations can disrupt the company’s operations and cash flow.
  • The company has to regularly obtain, maintain and upgrade regulatory approvals, which is often costly. Failure to renew or obtain licenses and approvals can be a risk.
  • It is difficult to accurately forecast demand for certain products, which can result in the mismanagement of inventory, which can adversely affect operations and cash flow.
  • Any delay or disruption in the supply chain of raw materials or products from third-party suppliers could result in an adverse impact on the pricing of drugs and products. An increase in raw material costs can also be detrimental to sales.
  • The company relies on the effectiveness of its drugs and pharma products. If the drugs and products fail to deliver the desired results, it can hamper sales and bottom line.
  • Counterfeit drugs being sold under the branding of Mankind Pharma can tarnish the reputation of the company and affect its sales.
  • The company relies heavily on quality control while manufacturing and marketing the drugs. Any lapse in quality control can also have a negative effect on the business.
  • Legal proceedings are pending against the company, its promoters, subsidiaries, and directors. Some of these include criminal and tax proceedings.


Mankind Pharma has carved a niche for itself in the Indian pharmaceutical industry with its strong focus on quality, affordability, and accessibility. With its extensive product portfolio and a strong distribution network, the company is well-positioned to meet the growing healthcare needs of the Indian population and continue its growth trajectory in the years to come. The upcoming Mankind Pharma IPO is a testament to the company’s robust financials and growth potential, and it is expected to generate significant interest from investors both in India and overseas.

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